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How to Style Your New Kitchen - Part 2

How to Style Your New Kitchen - Part 2

Last month, we discussed the importance of adding finishing touches to your kitchen renovation project - decor. We explored the best way to incorporate larger decor items, to help create an overall look for your kitchen renovation project. If you didn’t get a chance to read the article you can read it here.

This month, we continue our kitchen styling series by sharing how to build on these larger decor elements, using smaller accessories to complete your newly renovated kitchen project. In this month's B&C Home Journal, we cover how to style your kitchen counters, islands, stove area, sink, and even how to tackle open shelves. Enjoy!

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Kitchen Styling Part 2 - Decor

The key to adding smaller decor pieces to your kitchen renovation project is to style with practicality in mind. As the kitchen is essentially a workspace, the last thing you want is to clutter surfaces up with too much decor, so it is important that displays are practical.

When it comes to selecting and styling smaller decor items for your kitchen renovation project, the kitchen design team at Balnei & Colina always start by dividing the kitchen into key functional zones, these are 

  1. Oven/Stove top - cooking zone
  2. Sink - washing zone
  3. Benchtop - food prep
  4. Storage - eg open shelves and cabinets

By separating the kitchen into key styling zones, we are able to create vignettes that not only add style but are also practical for the space.

When styling your kitchen and composing vignettes think simple, clean lines and pay attention to composition. Make sure your look is balanced (ie texture/tone and shape) and has a functional purpose.


Balnei & Colina Kitchen Renovation Sydney

1. Styling Your Kitchen Stove Top/Oven

Style your stovetop with chopping boards of varying sizes and textures. The addition of natural timber into any kitchen design scheme always adds warmth and character to a space. 

Rest your boards against your splashback grouping them together, and place essential kitchen items that you regularly use in front to create a focal point. Salt and pepper grinders and smaller décor pieces such as canisters or small pinch bowls will instantly add style to your kitchen. Always remember to contrast - mix shapes (eg start with a round cutting board and contrast with a rectangular cutting board), size, and materials.

Design Tip: Don’t forget to consider the colour of your kitchen splashback when styling stovetops.

On the alternate side of your stovetop, opt for a functional and stylish canister or jug of utensils next to the stove. Keep your utensils uniform ie consistent colour or material. 

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Balnei & Colina - Sydney Kitchen Renovation

2. Styling your kitchen sink

A simple, everyday use item that can elevate this area of your kitchen, is your washing station. Start with a base tray and add in dishwashing liquid/hand wash in artful packaging. If you want to go further, you can add an indoor plant and/or candle, or you can add texture using natural bristle brushes, like a pot scrubber.

Next, drape a textured or patterned hand towel over your sink or on your oven handle for that lived-in feel. 

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Balnei & Colina - Sydney Kitchen Renovation

3. Styling your Kitchen Benchtop

Keep your kitchen countertop free of clutter and add simple & functional centrepieces. A statement appliance eg mixer if you have space, a textural bowl displayed and filled with treats or a colourful fruit display. Using pretty but functional serving pieces like bowls, breadboards, pitchers, or serving trays not only looks great but provides functional storage.

A vase of fresh flowers always creates a great focal point for any kitchen styling project. Use Australian natives as they tend to last longer, and fit with almost any kitchen design style. 

Design Tip: Keep only what you regularly use on kitchen counters. Minimise clutter and remember less is more!

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Balnei & Colina - Kitchen Renovation Sydney

4. Styling Open Shelves

When styling open shelves we need to ensure we balance function and aesthetics. Use open shelving for regular use dinnerware, recipe books, beautiful ceramic pieces such as oil bottles or sugar bowls, art & prints, woven baskets, or other items that are regularly used and relate to the kitchen.

Design Tip: You can use open shelving and storage to add greenery to your kitchen. Keep practicality in mind here, and introduce pots of herbs in a sunny spot that is easy to access. Natural greenery brings the outdoors in, injects colour, can be practical and purifies the air.

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