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Expert Guide to Bathroom Vanities

Expert Guide to Bathroom Vanities

As the name suggests, vanities take up much of our attention in bathrooms. Aside from serving as a mount for your sink and offering valuable storage and counter space, a vanity can be the focal point of your bathroom.

Your choice of vanity can have a big impact on your bathroom renovation. The style and shape can make it either a subdued element, or a signature piece of your bathroom. There are also practical considerations as far as basins and storage.

A well-designed vanity can uplift the look of an outdated bathroom and help transform it into a space you love to use. 

In this month’s B&C Home Journal we provide you with a guide to bathroom vanities, with expert tips on how to design a vanity that’s a perfect fit for your next bathroom renovation. Enjoy!

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Essential things to consider when designing a custom bathroom vanity for your bathroom renovation include:

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1. The Right Size

It is vital that you take the time to determine the size vanity you need. The size you choose should be proportional to the amount of available floor space. When designing a custom vanity for your bathroom, check that your current flow of traffic and movement is comfortable. If the answer is yes, maintain the same size. On the other hand, if your flow of movement is restricted or too open, adjust accordingly and make sure:

  • The vanity isn't so prominent that it dominates the entire space
  • The vanity isn’t too small to serve its purpose
  • If you are locating the vanity near the toilet, ensure there is plenty of space for easy access, with some additional space for a bin or toilet roll holder nearby.  
  • The vanity doors and drawers have enough space to open fully and can be easily accessed


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2. The Right Number of Sinks

If the vanity is large enough, you might want to consider including two sinks. At Balnei & Colina we suggest a minimum of 1600mm for inclusion of two sinks. If your current bathroom layout isn't set up for two sinks, a Balnei & Colina bathroom design expert can create a new bathroom layout to suit. 

Two-sink vanities are a popular feature in ensuites attached to master bedrooms, and they are a great selling feature. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that having two sinks, often results in reduced counter space. And, with more plumbing needed is more costly than a single sink alternative. 

Creating a bathroom design that allows for two sinks can be challenging, if you need a hand, the team at Balnei and Colina renovations offer custom bathroom design, planning, manufacture, and construction services.  


Image credit: JDP Interiors

3. Hardware to Bring the Look Home 

A great way to tie a new vanity into your bathroom space, is to select tapware that matches the rest of the room. Pick features that enhance the appeal of other fixtures and elements in the bathroom. 

Ensure your fixtures are positioned at a height and depth that make them easy to use and minimise backsplash. A good bathroom designer will take this into account during the bathroom design process, when planning your new bathroom layout.


Image credit: Kyal & Kara Blog

4. Keep Counter Space In Mind

Counter space is one of those things you never really consider until you try to live without it. If you like placing various products like creams and makeup etc. on the vanity, it’s necessary to create a custom vanity with sufficient counter space. You should also consider the way you plan to style your vanity, for instance you may need room for plants, hand soap or candles. 


Image credit: AGK Design Studio

5. Determine How Much Storage Space You Need

In addition to the personal care items that you place on the countertop, there might be some other bathroom items that you may want to store in vanity cabinets, such as extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. If you have limited storage outside the bathroom, you may even need to consider additional bathroom cabinetry with storage space for towels and linen. Take all these into account to create a vanity that’s both functional and beautiful. 

Additional Points to consider

  • Materials and finishes that are durable and moisture resistant
  • Above vanity storage such as a custom shaving cabinet
  • Vanity electricals & lighting - such as accessible powerpoints for plug in items like hairdryers and electric razors, and task lighting for make-up application.

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