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Small Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas

Small bathrooms present interesting design challenges, but with creativity and smart planning, these spaces can be transformed into functional spa-like retreats.

The Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation team are the experts at maximising space and style in compact bathroom renovations. We know that space-saving layouts, clever storage ideas, and the correct material choices will ensure your petite bathroom feels spacious, comfortable and luxurious.

In this month's B&C Home Journal, the Balnei & Colina bathroom design experts share insider tips on creating a beautiful and practical bathroom design regardless of size. Enjoy!


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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Sydney


Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Sydney


Shower screen options

Swinging shower doors require extra clearance, so choose a fixed screen or sliding door to save space. Shower curtains and frosted or opaque glass can visually divide the room and make the area feel cramped, so we suggest frameless transparent glass screens to create an unobstructed view.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Marrickville

Shower over tub

If a bath is a must-have addition to your bathroom remodel, but the space is limited, positioning the shower over a tub may be the design solution for you. Whether you choose a freestanding tub or a built-in style, the shower-tub combination can simplify your bathroom layout while catering to multiple users' bathing preferences.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Zetland Sydney

Wall-mounted fixtures and cabinetry

Raising the toilet and vanity off the floor will create the illusion of more floor space and give the room a streamlined, uncluttered look. Wall mounting the taps over the basin frees up counter space and allows for greater flexibility in your vanity design.

Bathroom Design Tip: A wall-mounted faucet should extend at least seven inches from the back of the sink so you can wash your hands freely without colliding with the basin.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Rozelle Sydney

Include custom joinery

Customised joinery designed by the Balnei & Colina renovation team ensures that every millimetre is utilised and functionality is optimised. Bespoke cabinetry is designed according to the available dimensions, maximising the storage space no matter how tight or awkwardly shaped the room.

Bathroom Design Tip: A mirrored vanity cabinet maximises the vertical storage capacity without taking up valuable floor space.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Gladesville Sydney

Maximise the light

Include windows or skylights in your bathroom renovation design to harness the available daylight and promote ventilation. Glass that is frosted or textured (such as reeded or fluted glass) will ensure privacy while still allowing the emittance of light.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Sydney

Neutral Tones

Light, neutral colour palettes give a cramped bathroom a more open and airy feel. Choose shades of white, beige, soft greys, blues and greens, and avoid busy patterns or high-contrast colour schemes that can overwhelm the room.

Bathroom Design Tip: Dark colours can also make the right visual impact in a tiny bathroom. The trick is to continue your chosen bold colour across the tiles, cabinetry and painted surfaces - this continuity will blur the room's boundaries.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Sydney

Tiling Techniques

Finishing the sides of an inset or drop-in tub with the same tile style used on the floor or surrounding wall will make it hard to distinguish where each surface begins, giving a seamless look and making your space feel larger. Extending the tile to the ceiling will also expand the room's perceived size.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Sydney


Mirrors create the illusion of more space and bounce the light around. When selecting the vanity mirror, we advise going as large as your wall dimensions will allow.

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Balnei & Colina | Bathroom Renovation Sydney

Niches and ledges

Consider adding built-in niches or ledges in the shower area. They keep everything within reach and eliminate the need for bulky shower organisers. Ledges by the shower or bath or behind the toilet can hide unsightly plumbing.   

Bathroom Design Tip: Install floating shelves above the toilet or next to the sink to create additional space for towels, toiletries, and chic styling additions.


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