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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Joinery

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Joinery

Custom joinery and cabinets are a noteworthy investment in modern homes, and for good reason. The combination of high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and most importantly the ability to customise the product’s design so it fits perfectly within your space whilst matching your personal taste and lifestyle, makes it an appealing alternative to shop furnishings. 

Bespoke joinery can also add greater incremental dollar value to your home. More so than anything other ready-to-buy furniture product. One of the main reasons for this is the perception it creates for prospective home buyers - reduces the need to purchase traditional furniture whilst providing a more high end aesthetic to the home.

If you want to create a home that is distinctively yours; need something with greater functionality and comfort; you have a uniquely shaped space or there are young children, busy chefs and/or a household that experiences heavy wear-and-tear, then Balnei & Colina custom joinery solutions maybe the perfect solution for you. 

In this month’s B&C Journal we examine the benefits of custom joinery and uncover how it can add greater value to your home and lifestyle. We hope the following article helps provide you with greater insight into the world of custom home joinery and cabinetry.

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Custom joinery - Walk-in Wardrobe by Balnei & Colina

Need a little more convincing that quality custom joinery is worth the investment? Let us walk you through our top 5 reasons why custom joinery maybe the perfect solution for your home;


1. Cheaper in the long run

From the joins to handles, custom joinery is built to last. Stock cabinets are usually made from low quality materials and assembled with screws and glue. 

Balnei & Colina custom joinery is locally made from the finest of materials of your choice, and are constructed by our mastercraftsmen who are skilfully equipped to install cabinets, for a perfect fit within your space.  

Bespoke joinery is custom designed, so you can feel comfortable that the finished product will not only be functional but complement the look and feel of your existing home. At Balnei & Colina we believe it’s important to incorporate existing trends but still design with longevity in mind. The Balnei & Colina design team have know how to create a timeless kitchen or bespoke storage solution that will stand the test of time.


Image credit: Dunagan Diverio Design Group

2. Make it your own

The customisation process allows you to create cabinets that fit your unique style preferences and lifestyle.

Opting for custom joinery will allow you complete freedom to decide the location, height, depth, and width and to optimise functionality specific to your needs.  

A good design consultant will assist in helping you choose cabinet door styles and finishes like hardware for your project, that perfectly complement your existing home and lifestyle.

You may find, or already have a design piece in mind you want to include your space. The team at Balnei & Colina take a collaborative approach to design and can customise the space around or to suit any design piece you bring to the table. 

With custom joinery your options are endless and stock cabinets simply cannot compete with this level of customisation and quality. 


Custom joinery - Dining area storage solution by Balnei & Colina

3. Fill every space with storage

Ever thought, ‘one day, I will find the perfect cabinet for that space’? Then a few years later it is still sitting empty? Space is expensive, don’t waste it!

Custom cabinets are designed to fit your ideal dimensions, while stock cabinets simply can’t be. There is no wasted space when it comes to custom joinery. Whether it’s creating additional storage under a bookshelf, next to the fireplace, or hiding office storage underneath a staircase – with custom cabinetry a solution can be provided for any space.


Image Credit: Brandon Architects

4. Increase the value of your home

According to Domain over 60% of us have felt buyer’s remorse after buying a home without enough storage for our needs. This is because ready-to-buy furniture usually falls short of using all the available space in a functional way. This is why homes featuring custom joinery often fetch a greater price at auction as savvy buyers now look for homes with smart storage solutions. 


Image via Pintrest

5. One of a Kind

From start to finish, the cabinets, drawers, open shelves, customised niches or work areas, storage and kitchen islands – are all built specifically for you and your home, leaving you with cabinets that are uniquely yours. Custom joinery/cabinetry is built to last and, if properly maintained, requires less maintenance or repairs over time than lesser-quality options.

At Balnei & Colina, each of our projects are custom made which means that no two projects are alike. Each piece is original and bespoke. When Balnei & Colina have completed your custom joinery/cabinetry project, you have a one-of-a-kind completed piece. 

Feel like custom cabinetry is something you’d like to explore but not sure where to start? Book a design consultation with a Balnei & Colina custom joinery expert today on 1300 450 320. You can also send us your project details via this Contact Us form

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Image credit: Pablo Viega

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