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Kitchen Renovation Chatswood

What You Need to Know About a Custom Kitchen Renovation in Chatswood

Transform your home with a kitchen renovation from Chatswood craft masters.

At Balnei & Colina, transforming a kitchen is more than just implementing new appliances; it is revolutionising the way you use and delight in it. We create functional spaces with efficient and practical layouts, beautiful design, custom cabinetry for maximum storage, superior craftsmanship and quality finishes. With more than 20 years of experience, our exclusive team of designers, tradesmen and project managers deliver custom kitchen renovations that meet the needs of our client on time.

Tips Regarding Kitchen Renovations in Chatswood

Your project manager will guide you through the entire design and decision-making process to ensure your kitchen suits your lifestyle. Areas to consider include:

  • Function: A vital aspect of a functional kitchen is ensuring that you use the space efficiently. Our designers will create a room that feels open, airy and inviting without wasting precious floor or wall space. Keeping in mind the working triangle between the sink, fridge and oven, we customise your floor plan and can take into account your desired view from each point such as whether you prefer to address your guest while working at the stovetop or working at the kitchen sink.
  • Lighting: Creating a warm and welcoming kitchen environment using light fixtures while ensuring there is adequate task lighting is a hard decision. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will deliver stylish and functional lighting tailored to your space. Whether you desire a feature chandelier, under-cabinet lighting or recessed bulbs, we will ensure to illuminate your kitchen stylishly and sufficiently.
  • Statement pieces: An oven is a prominent feature of your kitchen, meaning you should not overlook the style of this appliance. With a range of colour and design options available, we can help ensure that your cooking appliance suits the style of your kitchen and meets the needs of your lifestyle. 

What You Can Expect from Balnei & Colina Regarding Kitchen Renovations in Chatswood

We provide the best outcome and value for every kitchen renovation undertaken by our team.

  • Client satisfaction is our top priority: Our completed renovations come with a warranty. Custom and bespoke cabinetry include a 10-year guarantee, and we provide a 12-month warranty on all trade works. You can rest assured that you will delight in your rejuvenated kitchen.
  • Dedicated project manager: We will complete your kitchen renovation on time and budget with our project manager overseeing the entire process. From concept and design to completion, every phase is well organised and streamlined to minimise disruption to the client.
  • Experienced design consultation: We take your desires for a dream kitchen and make them a reality. Our experienced designers will create a custom solution with an accurate measure and initial concept sketches with no obligation.

About Balnei & Colina

Our experienced and accomplished team deliver quality kitchen renovations that transform your home and the way you use the space. We have more than 20 years of experience and complete every project to the highest standard, maximising storage space and style. Our project managers ensure to meet the needs of our client from function and design to custom cabinetry. For dedicated personal service, contact our trustworthy team to book your custom design consultation.

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From an entire interior home renovation, to a new kitchen, we take care of everything. Call us today on 1300 450 320 or leave your details below to book your custom design consultation.

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