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Kitchen Renovation Willoughby

We Can Provide a Kitchen Renovation in Willoughby

Are you contemplating renovations or a new build? You will want a provider that can assist you not only with a renovation of your kitchen. We offer much more than this service. 

Related Services We Provide To A Kitchen Renovation In Willoughby

You can enhance the value of your property exponentially by renovating your kitchen. However, it would be best if you did not neglect the other areas of your home, such as your bathrooms. 

  • Besides kitchens, we also offer bathroom renovations. We use an appropriate design to create a space that feels large and provides plentiful storage while remaining fully functional. We never stint on materials, applying quality material and our craftsmanship skills to every project. 
  • Another service we provide is cabinetry. We design and craft storage items from wardrobes to joinery. These items not only offer storage but are also stylishly in keeping with the look of your home.  
  • We also offer commercial service. As part of such, we will project manage the renovation conducted by the various design professionals. This management applies to the architect, the contractor, and the interior designer, as well as the builder. We, therefore, ensure that the renovation is completed on schedule, while bearing in mind your budget, ensuring not to overspend. Nevertheless, we do not skimp on quality, providing only the best.

The Importance Of Kitchen Design In Willoughby

Kitchens aren’t simply spaces in which to prepare food; kitchens are social areas also used for entertainment purposes. Kitchens are regarded as high-traffic spaces, where the family (even the extended family and friends) will gather. Therefore, it is vital to select the most apposite design.  

  • The kitchen should be functional, affording a good workflow. You are encouraged to discuss how you want to use your kitchen space with our designer. This talk will allow our designer to create a space with a large island or table while ensuring that you have adequate space for movement around it. Being a kitchen, the cooking area should be well organised and applies to the type of counter surface you require, and your access to the dishwasher, fridge, stove, and the sink. Also, if you have small children, we can design the kitchen to be safe for littlies. In this way, you will be able to relax and enjoy your space, instead of having to be always on the alert. 
  • A key to good kitchen design is storage. This storage can include built-in lazy Susans, a walk-in pantry, or adequate storage for all your kitchen items. We can accomplish all this in a kitchen space which still looks exceptional. 
  • Another aspect of good kitchen design is lighting. This includes task lighting which will provide ample light where you want to work. Adding lighting could also provide visual interest. Mood lighting, such as a chandelier above the kitchen table, is very much in vogue. 

Why Trust Balnei & Colina Regarding Kitchen Design in Willoughby

Our company has the backing of 20 years of creating gorgeous kitchens in the Sydney area. Our skilled designers understand how to find solutions for the perfect kitchen design for your home. More so, we have qualified artisans to turn your kitchen design into reality. Our workmanship comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
For quality artistry, an exceptionally high level of design, and a company fully competent to manage the project for you, contact us. We can assist you in turning your ordinary home into your dream home.

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