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Makeovers for Kitchens: What You Should Know about Kitchen Design and Renovations on the North Shore

If your kitchen needs an upgrade, you may feel overwhelmed with all the decisions to make and how many options there are. However, renovations don’t have to be a paralysing experience. Provided you get the major elements right; you’ll be thrilled with your kitchen’s fresh look. Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin your kitchen renovation. 


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Keep your budget aligned with your home

Under-improving and over-improving are both traps that can leave you full of regret. A good rule of thumb is spending approximately 15% of your home’s value. Of course, that’s assuming you’ll want to sell your home at some point, and you are hoping to maximise your profit. If you have your heart set on something specific, then go for it – the kitchen is the hub of your home, and if you love yours, you’ll be happier every day. 

Paying for your design pays off

Nothing worth having comes free – a kitchen design on the North Shore included. Although you may find designers in kitchen stores and cabinet shops who don’t charge a fee for their designs, that doesn’t mean they’re working for free – their cost is only rolled into the price of the products they sell, which means your options are limited to what they offer. Furthermore, in-store designers are often inexperienced in the work that goes into renovations. Your finished product will only be as good as its design, so skip the bargains and work with a seasoned professional with no conflicts of interest. 

It’s possible to expand and still stay on budget

Do you love the idea of making your kitchen larger, but fear that it’s impossible without spending much more than you have available? Don’t give up so fast. Especially if you’re already doing major renovations, this is the perfect time to expand your kitchen. Some ways to keep costs manageable include “stealing” space from an adjacent hallway, closet, or porch. You can open the floorplan to create the illusion of a larger kitchen and add an extension along one entire side of the kitchen. 

Keep what works

Just because you’re renovating isn’t a good enough reason to do away with something you love – or something that’s working well. For example, you may be able to save money by keeping original windows that are still perfectly good, rejuvenating the hardwood floor that’s hiding under all the old vinyl or linoleum (or both), or just keeping the appliances and plumbing fixtures in the same locations. 

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At Balnei & Colina, we have renovated many kitchens on the North Shore and surrounds as well as bathrooms and complete home fit-outs. We understand that the process can seem overwhelming because of so many options and so many decisions to make. However, our 20+ years’ experience in kitchen design has given us the knowledge and connections we need to make your renovation a breeze. We love designing kitchens, and we can’t wait to help you achieve your dream home. Contact us today with any questions or to start discussing your project. 

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