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Tips for a Highly Functional Kitchen Renovation and Who to Call for Renovations in Waterloo

There are more and more homeowners planning kitchen renovations in Waterloo – and these individuals have plenty of decisions to make before enjoying their new space. It’s tempting to think mainly about what will make your kitchen beautiful but there’s more to it: what will make your kitchen functional? Of course, aesthetics matter, and fortunately, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. While choosing colours and materials, be sure to also keep the layout of your kitchen in mind in terms of what will make your new kitchen a joy, rather than a hassle, to use.


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Traditional vs workstation layouts

For years, kitchens have been designed in a “triangle” shape with an imaginary line from the sink to the cooktop to the fridge and back to the sink. This design has some great advantages such as less foot traffic within the triangle area – especially in smaller kitchens and homes where only one person usually cooks at a time. However, larger, modern kitchens can accommodate separate workstations for food prep, cooking, cleanup, and storage. These workstations are not typically arranged in the traditional triangle pattern but rather centred around a major appliance, allowing multiple cooks to work together or several people to enjoy the space at the same time.

Storage gains

A renovation is the perfect chance to maximise your kitchen’s storage capacity. When it comes to selecting cabinetry, think about more than its beauty; think about using all the available space. For example, you might be able to place a lazy Susan, vertical dividers, or rollout drawers in cabinets to make it easier to see and access everything inside. Perhaps you could plan to store your rubbish and recycle bins inside cabinets to keep them out of sight.

A functional pantry

The pantry is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. If space allows, consider a walk-in pantry for the ultimate food storage area. You may even be able to stash some extra cookware there, too. Kitchen renovation builders can custom-design shelving and bins to suit your needs and the way you want to use your pantry. You can also use your pantry in some unconventional ways. For example, you might have electrical outlets installed inside as a convenient place to store a rechargeable flashlight or charge the kids’ phones or laptops at night. Think outside the box and you’ll come up with other ways to make the best use of the space inside the pantry.

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