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What you can expect when working with Balnei & Colina

Helping you to achieve the best for your clients is something we are truly passionate about, and we want to be connected to your project from the very beginning. These are the principles we value as part of a working relationship with you.



We invest time into getting to know you and how you work. Selecting the right team can help ensure smooth, seamless construction and happy team-members all-round.



We love partnering with interior designers, architects and builders with whom we have collaborated in the past. It is a trust that not only helps to create efficiencies and peace-of-mind, but also an enjoyable working atmosphere.



Good communication is key to a successful working relationship. Even in today's high-tech world, information flows can be missed and communication can become bottlenecked. One way we get around this is with regularly scheduled meetings.

In between these meetings, regular progress reports and feedback from you and your client help us to work with greater confidence, less paperwork, and without having to resort to stressful guesswork to keep the work moving while waiting for the next scheduled meeting.




There's nothing we respect more than a professional who commands a good reputation, who completes working drawings and the dimensions simply add up.

We listen to your recommendations – and those of your architects, designers, builders – regarding the design and its execution, and work with the whole team to achieve outcomes that exceed your clients’ expectations.



As the architect, interior designer or builder you are the ultimate purveyor of the project and you can be assured that we will commit the time to study and understand your drawings and specifications.

You can be assured that we will not allow your design intention to be replaced with on-site guesswork by tradesmen, as we communicate the specifications and expectations with our entire team, ensuring the quality of both the design implementation and its construction.



Given a design, we will look for the best way to implement it, within the owner’s cost and time parameters. We’re experts at finding a balance between creativity and pragmatism that answers the budget and time constraints as well as the architect’s or designer’s vision.


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Our years of experience and know-how allows us to readily and happily adapt to change. Since designers and architects often need to make design refinements and adjustments throughout the construction phase, we are always willing to adapt and adjust to bring about the most outstanding result possible for your client.



As with most things in life, the development of partnerships in renovating homes hinge on relationships. It takes a level of trust and experience from each party for the most elegant solutions to emerge – This is not just your end goal, but ours as well. We’re only satisfied when you are. 



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