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Create a fabulous outdoor kitchen in 4 simple steps

Create a fabulous outdoor kitchen in 4 simple steps

Summer, combined with spending more time at home these days means that many Aussie home owners are looking to create easier ways to cook, eat, and entertain outdoors.

Many of us have dreamt of installing an outdoor kitchen to further enhance our outdoor summers. The team & Balnei & Colina Sydney home renovations believe a well designed outdoor kitchen can provide many lifestyle benefits. Increased functionality and comfort, as well as elevating your outdoor space visually encourages us all to spend more time outdoors.

Creating a functional outdoor kitchen is not a simple project. It requires careful design, planning, and construction expertise. Balnei & Colina kitchen renovations Sydney are experts in kitchen design and renovation, and in this month’s B&C Home Journal, we show you how to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen for your home. Enjoy!

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Balnei & Colina Outdoor Kitchen Sydney

STEP 1 - Choose a location for your Outdoor Kitchen

First step is to determine the best location for your outdoor kitchen. A Balnei & Colina kitchen design expert can help select the most optimal location for your outdoor kitchen. Some of the factors we use to determine the best location for an outdoor kitchen include an area that:

  • maximises indoor/outdoor flow,
  • natural light,
  • a location that minimises exposure to outdoor elements, and has
  • adequate access to plumbing and electrical services.

It’s much easier and makes sense to incorporate your new outdoor kitchen into a pre-existing outdoor structure like a verandah, alfresco, pergola, porch, or pool house, if you have one.

Proximity to your internal kitchen is another factor that should be considered when determining the location of your new outdoor kitchen. The ideal location for an outdoor kitchen is near your indoor kitchen. The closer it is, the easier it can be to transfer of food and kitchen items, as well as create a more seamless transition between the outdoors and in, and vice versa. Keeping the two in close proximity may mean you can skip the need for an outdoor fridge as well. 

Design Tip: Create a unified look for your home by selecting similar, or repeating design elements where possible from your internal kitchen and home joinery to your outdoor kitchen.

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STEP 2 - Make an Outdoor Kitchen Wish List

Make a wish list for your outdoor kitchen space. Start by thinking about what cooking activities you will undertake outdoors, as well as your storage needs. Do you have a kitchen nearby or do you want to minimise trips back indoors? Do you need specialised cooking appliances like a pizza oven or rotisserie? Will you be washing up outdoors? What items will you need to store? 

List all the potential outdoor kitchen appliances and fittings you want to incorporate into your new outdoor kitchen. These may include BBQ, Rotisserie, Teppanyaki plates or other, Smoker, Sink & Tap, Pizza Oven, Dishwasher, Bar Fridge, Icebox, custom drawers for BBQ utensils, outdoor candles, etc? 

After determining how you will be using your outdoor kitchen space, a Balnei & Colina outdoor kitchen renovation expert in Sydney can design your new kitchen space incorporating all of the appliances on your wish list. The Balnei & Colina design team will work with you to ensure your new outdoor kitchen functions optimally with efficient workflows, and storage zones are easily accessible, with cooking, prep and wash zones clearly defined. 

Image via Pintrest

Image via Pintrest

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Balnei & Colina Outdoor Kitchen Sydney


You want to ensure your new outdoor kitchen can weather the elements, so it can potentially be used all year round. Building a pergola or shaded area will help protect your outdoor kitchen from wind and rain.

Select weather-proof cabinetry, like compact laminates and benchtop materials that will withstand exposure to the outdoors such as concrete, exterior slip-proof tiles for flooring, outdoor reconstituted stones or natural stones, like granite.

DESIGN TIP: Adding outdoor heating can enhance outdoor ambiance as well as make the area more appealing for use during the winter months. Consider installing a fireplace or fire pit, to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

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Lighting is vital for a functional outdoor kitchen. A Balnei & Colina outdoor kitchen renovation expert can create a lighting scheme for your outdoor kitchen that ensures each work zone is clearly illuminated - making cooking, prep work and washing up easier, efficient, and comfortable. Balnei & Colina can also help with mood lighting for outdoor dining and lounging areas.

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