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Organising your kitchen for Christmas

Organising your kitchen for Christmas

The Christmas countdown is on! 

The festive season is a wonderful opportunity for family togetherness and taking stock of the year that has passed. It can also be a hectic time, especially if you are hosting guests at home.

Whether you are holding Christmas dinner or a relaxed Boxing Day gathering, the kitchen will be a hive of activity. You can relieve some of the stresses by getting sorted in advance, leaving you to enjoy the occasion and the company of others. 

A practical and efficient kitchen layout can be a saving grace at Christmas time when loads of storage and ample bench space for prepping become key. And let’s not forget the appeal of a butler’s pantry, where mess can be hidden away from guests' view!

But remember, a great kitchen design is not just for Christmas. At Balnei & Colina, our kitchen renovation experts design custom kitchens that function seamlessly all year round. 

In this months B&C Journal we help you plan for the festive season ahead. Read on for our clever tips on how to prep your kitchen (and your outdoor kitchen) for stress-free festive entertaining at home.  


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Declutter and get sorted 

A decluttered kitchen can help you feel calm and in control, which is precisely how you want to feel when your house is filled with the buzz of guests!

  • Audit your pantry and fridge, and remove any out of date food. Rearrange items so that everything is easy to see and within easy reach. 
  • Clear your benchtops of appliances and extra clutter. 
  • Tackle your Tupperware and match up the tubs with the lids, and sort by size and shape. You will thank yourself when it comes time to dish out the inevitable leftovers!
  • Double-check you have enough serving ware - plates, platters, salad bowls, utensils and glasses - and make sure it’s accessible and clean. 
  • Get your knives sharpened. 


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Plan your menus 

Timing is everything when it comes to festive entertaining. Planning meals well before the big day will give you enough time to stock your fridge and pantry with essential ingredients properly. 

  • Take note of any dietary requirements your guests may have. 
  • Be realistic about your cooking ability and the amount of time you will have on the day. Don’t put added pressure on yourself! There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the dishes that you know and love. 
  • Work out what things you can, or need to, prepare ahead of time. For example, the earlier you make a Christmas pudding, the better it will taste! 


Shop smart 

Get an early start on your shopping and avoid that stressful last-minute dash to the supermarket for a forgotten but vital ingredient.

  • Stock up on pantry staples, cleaning supplies and drinks in the month before Christmas to avoid doing your big shop at the peak of the season’s rush. Take advantage of specials and markdowns.    
  • While you’re at it, grab a gift box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. You never know when you might need to give an extra gift. 
  • Make your special orders of meat or seafood ahead of time to avoid disappointment. 


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Check and clean your kitchen appliances 

Make sure your key kitchen appliances are in working order to help to avoid the inconvenience of an untimely breakdown. 

  • Give all appliances a good wipe down. If you start the festive season with fresh surfaces, the after-party clean up will be a breeze.  
  • Check dishwasher drains and clean any residue. 
  • Defrost your freezer and check the fridge’s door seals and gaskets are in working order.
  • Replace any burnt out light globes, including oven or fridge globes. 


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Prep your outdoor kitchen 

The beauty of Christmas time in the Southern Hemisphere is our fantastic summer weather and dining outdoors. A BBQ can also take on the overflow of cooking and preparing meals in the kitchen. 

  • Ensure your BBQ is ready to go with topped up levels of gas and a cleaned hotplate. Wipe down the external surfaces. 
  • Make sure all your outdoor lighting is working, especially the all-important task lighting directed toward the BBQ. 
  • Check that all BBQ equipment and utensils are cleaned and located in a handy spot, ready to grill at a moments notice.    
  • Switch on your outdoor fridge and stock it with drinks.  
  • Wipe down your outdoor furniture, sweep the pavers and clear away any cobwebs. Add some Christmas decorations to create a welcoming, festive atmosphere.  

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