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Top 2021 Bathroom Trends

Top 2021 Bathroom Trends

The last year has allowed us to re-visit the importance of creating a warm, inviting, and comforting home. Balnei & Colina undertake home renovation projects throughout Sydney, and bathroom renovations are often a top priority for homeowners. 

The bathroom is one of my favourite rooms to renovate in the home. It’s where we begin and end our day, and is one of those spaces where a renovation can really elevate the home as well as positively impact a family’s lifestyle to truly create joy in their everyday.  

Trends can be fleeting, and some stay around longer than others. Remember, a bathroom renovation is an investment, and the longer-term should factor into the bathroom design process. Balance functionality and aesthetic, prioritise practicality and always incorporate colours and styles you will enjoy living in long term.

Hygiene remains a priority this year, and the bathroom sees some hefty traffic, so hygienic and easy to clean surfaces are a leading trend for bathroom renovations in 2021 and one Balnei & Colina think is here to stay.

So, what bathroom trends should you incorporate for this year's bathroom renovation project? From new tech to timber accents, in this month’s B&C Home Journal, the team at Balnei & Colina bathroom renovations Sydney share what trends to embrace when undertaking a bathroom renovation in 2021. Enjoy!

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Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation Sydney


Wellbeing and comfort are of even greater focus when undertaking a bathroom renovation project in Sydney. With travel stalled, Balnei & Colina renovations Sydney are seeing more of a demand for bathroom renovations that offer a luxury spa experience at home. 

Homeowners are expecting more from their bathroom renovations these days, with bathroom renovators taking more of a wellness approach and creating a bathroom environment that is just as much about unwinding and relaxing, as it is about everyday personal grooming. Balnei & Colina bathroom renovations focus on creating a bathroom space that is calm and relaxing as well as functional. 

Neutral bathrooms continue to be a trusted favourite among our clients, and a neutral bathroom scheme is more conducive to creating a serene environment. 

We are also seeing a higher demand for steam rooms and saunas that we believe will become a standard fixture in bathroom renovations in the future.

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Balnei & Colina Bathroom Renovation Sydney


An all-white or neutral bathroom renovation can sometimes feel sterile  - the answer? - Adding natural textured accents like timber to bring warmth and character to the bathroom space. 

From dark, moody tones to light timber bleached joinery, adding timber is a great way to create texture and add dimension to your bathroom renovation.

Design Tip: Take the natural look a step further by opting for warm tones in your tiles and accessories. 

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Balnei & Colina Bathroom Renovation Sydney


Another popular trend for Sydney bathroom renovations are walk-in showers, as they are functional and offer a seamless look. A custom walk-in shower supports better traffic flow within the bathroom space, is easier to clean and can be customised to suit any bathroom layout.

Design Tip: Generally, we are seeing clients opt for larger shower spaces. The standard size for a shower is 900 X 900 mm; however, if you have the room, the bathroom design experts at Balnei & Colina suggest 1000-1200mm wide allows more freedom of movement, makes the bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious.

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Balnei & Colina Bathroom Renovations Sydney


Freestanding baths have been on-trend for a few years now, and nothing has changed for 2021.  Soaking in a relaxing tub at the end of the day is desired by many, and a freestanding bath is a luxury statement creating a great focal point for your bathroom renovation project. 

Design Tip: Opt for simple tub silhouettes, especially whites that complement almost any bathroom style. 

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Balnei & Colina Bathroom Renovations Sydney


Advancements in technology have added more significant value in terms of experience and function in our bathroom renovation projects.  Here are some of the latest bathroom tech to consider incorporating into your next bathroom renovation to create a relaxing, immersive experience. 


Under-floor heating and heated towel rails are more prominent in today’s contemporary bathroom renovations and a definite trend for 2021 that is here to stay.

Thermostatic Mixers 

A thermostatic mixer can provide your ideal preset water temperature for a more customised shower experience. It’s also safer for families with young children. 

Smart Toilets 

For those of us who embrace technology, you may want to consider a smart toilet. Smart toilets have grown in popularity over time, and more homeowners are considering smart toilet options for their bathroom renovation projects in Sydney.  

Smart toilets offer in-built washing and drying, another exciting feature of the latest smart toilets is self-cleaning technology, including antibacterial cling-free bowls and under lid lights that prevent the growth of bacterial microbes.

There hands-free components, like self-closing lids and touchless flushing that reduce surface touchpoints, making it a more hygienic option. Other features may include user detection and a night light.

New Mirror Technology 

Further advancements in technology have meant the bathroom mirrors now offer new features such as on and off sensors, LED lights, and defogging functions.

Sensor Taps 

Sensor taps are on the rise in 2021. They are the perfect solution for busy bathrooms and powder rooms and touchless technology makes them even more hygienic to use.

Still unsure of what bathroom trends to incorporate into your bathroom renovation project? Leave it to the bathroom renovation experts at Balnei & Colina Sydney bathroom renovations. 

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