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How to work productively from home

How to work productively from home

Recent events have resulted in more Aussie’s opting to work from home. COVID has not only changed where and how we work, it’s increased the focus on flexible working arrangements, potentially creating greater demand for more work from home options in the future. With employers and employees more open to ‘working from home’ COVID may have changed the structure of our workforce forever. 

If you’ve recently started to work from home, or whether you’ve practiced working from home before, you’ll know it’s not easy to get into a productive routine. Creating good ‘working from home’ habits from the outset, will have you working with greater ease and efficiency in the long run. 

The team at Balnei & Colina have developed 11 simple set of ‘working from home rules’. Follow these tips when working remotely to, improve your overall well-being, increase productivity, enjoyment, and help you get through your work load in record time. Enjoy!

The team at Balnei & Colina

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It’s important to create a dedicated space to work within your home is priority one. Having a dedicated home office space will enable you to develop and mindset that separates where you work and where you relax and unwind, and this is critical to balancing home life and work life, maintaining productivity and your sanity.  

If possible, locate your home office away from places where you rest or have leisure time for eg bedroom. Dedicating a specific space or room within your home for your office will allow your brain to switch off at the end of a work day, and switch into work-mode at the start.

Whether it’s a dedicated room or an office nook, ensuring the space is properly set up as a dedicated work zone will support your health and keep you sane.

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Next step is to ensure your dedicated office space is comfortable, ergonomically sound, and functional to encourage optimal productivity. 

Your chair along with your custom desk and storage should be designed to optimise your workflow. The custom joinery design team at Balnei & Colina renovations can help create a home office solution that is specific to your profession.

Balnei & Colina can design and create a home office that perfectly suits your unique needs and style preferences. From design, manufacture to construction we’ve got every aspect of your home office project covered. 

For more information on how to create a home office that will have you working comfortably and productively everyday, read the Balnei & Colina Home Office set up Guide. You can also book a complimentary home office design consult with a Balnei & Colina renovation expert on 1300 450 320 or, simply send us your home office project details via this contact form.

Your home office chair should be easily adjustable to suit your desired height in line with your desk. As a guide, your arms should be roughly at right angles or slightly downwards. A desktop configuration is considered more ergonomic than a laptop, where keyboard and monitor can be independently adjusted. Where possible, opt for a desktop or laptop with seperate keyboard for a better ergonomic set up. 

Tip: It’s also important to have plenty of natural light, as well as task lighting so work is clearly visible and eye strain minimised. If possible, position your office next to a window or alternate natural light source and invest in a quality desk lamp.

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Keep to your everyday work office schedule. Having a working from home schedule that aligns with a typical day at the office will help make the transition to ‘working from home’ easier, and keep you productive.

When working from home developing a healthy work routine will keep you motivated and focused. Getting ready as though your heading into the office helps you mentally prepare for the day ahead. Treat every day as if you are going into the office, keeping your mindset on track is key.

Practice good habits from the outset:

  • Start our workday around the same time every day
  • Get dressed for work (sure, we may still wear more comfortable at-home leisurewear but we are groomed for work),
  • Define start and end times for your working day and keep to these.

Tip: As much as possible keep to your regular routine in the mornings. Get up as though your going to work at the office. Make beds, prepare breakfast, put on a load of washing, do your yoga stretches etc at the same time. Keeping to the same routine will condition your mind and body to stay on task. 

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Create a schedule for your daily work tasks and set goals to complete each day. Prioritise your list and review it at the end of each work day to make sure your on track. Regularly visit your daily to do list throughout the day, to keep you on schedule and focused.

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To help you keep centred throughout the day, remove all distractions that will prevent you from completing your work activities efficiently. These may include, turning off social media and app notifications during scheduled work hours and keeping the radio/television switched off.  

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Complete a 5 minute de-clutter to keep your home office space clean and mess free. Keeping a tidy home office space will help clear your mind, keep you positive, organised and focused throughout your work day. 

Tip: Keep regularly used items close by, and ensure you wipe down your desk and computer every second day.

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I couldn’t imagine working from home without creating a home office space that is not only beautiful to work in, but reflects my style and our Balnei & Colina brand. No matter the size of your home office space or room, aim to make your home office feel creative and inviting. The ultimate goal is to create a home office space conducive to a productive and comfortable working environment that reflects and inspires you.

Tip: Add some decor to liven your home office work space. Having a home office space you enjoy working in will keep you motivated. Light a scented candle, introduce greenery or include family photos, all these will make you more productive and happier.

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Schedule regular breaks thoughout the day, like morning tea and lunch, to give your body and mind a break. 

It’s also important to move around at regular intervals to get your blood flowing. Go for a quick walk at lunch, or do a few simple stretches during break times. It can be as simple as walking around your home. 

Regular movement and breaks will revitalise your mind and body and help you stay on task.

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Remember to stay hydrated, don’t skip meals and opt for healthy snacks throughout the day. A nutritious diet will ensure you stay energised, positive and productive throughout your work day. 

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Working from home can leave you feeling a little isolated. Plan regular catch-ups with colleagues to help you feel more connected and social. Whether it’s bouncing ideas off your team mates or discussing an upcoming project, regular contact will ensure you stay positive and feel less detatched.

Still unsure how to create a home office solution that meets your business needs? Leave it to the Balnei & Colina home office experts. Book a complimentary home office design consultation on 1300 450 320 or send us your home office project details via this contact form

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