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5 Essentials for a functional and stylish laundry renovation

5 Essentials for a functional and stylish laundry renovation

According to research conducted by LG, the average Australian will spend 384 days completing laundry throughout their lifetime. 

That’s just over a year spent sorting, folding and ironing clothes - thinking about it that way gives even more reason to create a highly functional laundry that is also a delight to spend time in! 

With proper laundry renovation planning by the Balnei & Colina renovation team, the outcome can be an organised and stylish space that you look forward to visiting, regardless of how many loads of washing you do in a week.  

In this month's B&C Home Journal, we share 5 essentials to find a balance of practicality and style in your new laundry. Enjoy!

Robert Fonti

Director, Balnei & Colina


Custom Laundry Joinery by Balnei & Colina Renovations

1. Custom laundry joinery

Bespoke joinery can turn a small, unused nook into a fully functioning laundry, and it can transform laundry rooms into multipurpose spaces, for example, a combined laundry/mudroom. 

A custom joinery solution by Balnei & Colina renovations will maximise storage opportunities and create a comfortable work area that is easy to navigate, regardless of how big or small the available space is. 

From tall, skinny cupboards that can store mops, brooms and stick vacuums through to overhead cabinets for cleaning products (out of reach from kids and pets), well-designed joinery and cabinetry will ensure everything has a place and surfaces remain clutter-free. 

Top tip: The team at Balnei & Colina suggest designing your laundry and kitchen simultaneously. By using the same company to renovate both areas, you’ll achieve home joinery with consistent quality and finish, and save time and money.


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Custom Laundry Joinery by Balnei & Colina

2. The right appliances 

It's essential to identify the appliances that you will need installed in your renovated laundry, as whitegoods generally dictate the joinery and benchtops' dimensions. 

The team at Balnei & Colina can help you select laundry appliances that best match your needs and then design the space to suit.

Design Tip: Water-efficient washing machines can save up to two-thirds of the water than older models. Aim for at least a 4-star water rating and 3.5-star energy rating when you purchase your next laundry washing machine.


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3. Bench space

Bench space is an essential consideration in any laundry design. A benchtop provides you with a dedicated area to sort and fold clothes comfortably and gives you a spot to rest the laundry basket as you unload washing. 

Extend your workspace and increase space efficiency with wall-mounted dryers and front load washers and dryers.  

Top tip: Make sure your benchtop is wide enough to accommodate laundry sink and appliances, which are often larger than those in a kitchen.


Balnei & Colina Laundry Renovation Sydney

4. Waterproofing and Ventilation 

As a wet room, the laundry needs to be waterproofed under Australian building regulations. Leaks and moisture build-up can cause long term damage, so it's worth engaging a qualified and fully licenced renovation expert like Balnei & Colina renovations to undertake a laundry renovation. 

Design Tip: When designing a custom laundry, Balnei & Colina's expert laundry renovation team will ensure essential ventilation is included in the laundry design to prevent mould build-up due to trapped humidity. An exhaust fan, and added windows or doorways will help keep the air flowing.    

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Balnei & Colina Laundry Renovation Sydney

5. Finishing touches 

Splashbacks: Subway tiles are a timeless choice, but why not play with colour, pattern and raised profiles for an added wow-factor? It's your chance to have a bit of fun!

Fixtures and fittings: Stylish tapware and handles add polish and can really direct the overall look and feel of your new laundry. Choose designs that reflect your kitchen and bathroom selections for a cohesive style throughout your home. 

Wallpaper: Wallpaper is making a come-back and has become popular in todays' home renovation projects. Make a statement in your laundry renovation with a striking wallpaper design. Considering there is often only a small amount of wall space available in the laundry, create a focal point by selecting a unique wallpaper piece to inject interest and personality into the laundry space. 

Styling additions: The final layers will bring your laundry space to life. A potted plant will add a touch of nature and a fresh feel, while pretty baskets and storage canisters (for laundry items like washing powders and pegs) can further elevate your beautifully renovated laundry.  

Still unsure how to create a laundry renovation that is beautiful and functional? The experts at Balnei & Colina renovations can help you create the perfect laundry room. Book a laundry design consultation with our laundry design experts today on 1300 450 320 or drop us an email at info@balneiandcolina.com.au. You can also send us your project details via our contact form

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