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4 Clever Ideas to transform your outdoor living!

4 Clever Ideas to transform your outdoor living!

Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time to re-visit our outdoor areas. They say it's what's on the inside that counts, but when it comes to your home, outdoor zones prove just as important as your home's interior.

We all know that Australians love the outdoors, and now research is showing that Aussie homeowners are dedicating a portion of their renovation budget to outdoor improvements. 

More homeowners are realising that investing in an outdoor space can add substantial monetary value to their homes. An outdoor revamp will add extra square meterage to your home living and is a more cost effective alternative to a home addition.  

Research reveales that second to a kitchen renovation (47%), 32% of homeowners believe that renovating an outdoor space adds greater financial value to their home. 

Looking to renovate your outdoor living space? In this month’s B&C Home Journal we reveal outdoor ideas that will help create an appealing and functional outdoor space that can increase your home’s overall value. Enjoy!

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1. Landscaping

Landscaping or adding a garden can help transform your outdoor space and instantly improve the curb appeal of your home. There are endless ways to improve a yard’s appearance or make it useful through landscaping. Up keeping with regular pruning, introducing new plants and flowers or re-turfing your lawn can all have a substantial impact. 

Design Tip: If your back and front yard are in need of a major overhaul engage the services of a professional landscaper who can create a customised plant scheme for you.

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2. Outdoor Room

An intelligently designed outdoor entertaining area can become one of the most used and loved areas of your home all year round. If your backyard or balcony doesn't already have a dedicated space to entertain, creating one can help improve your lifestyle as well as offer an immediate return on investment by increasing the value of your property.

The team at Balnei & Colina can help create the perfect outdoor entertaining space using custom joinery solutions, such as custom built-in BBQ cabinetry, outdoor kitchens or even outdoor bar solutions that will transform our outdoor space. A fully equipped custom outdoor kitchen comprising of benchtop with ample workspace, in-built cabinetry with generous storage, fridge and sink all designed to make outdoor entertaining easy, fun and connected. Balnei & Colina custom designed outdoor kitchens will make socialising and entertaining easier.

The team at Balnei & Colina work with clients to understand how they intend to use their outdoor space as well as how often, in order to deliver the best outdoor solution for their home. If you host parties once or twice a year, a simple in-built BBQ with functional custom cabinetry may be a more economical and practical solution. However, if you host a party weekly, even monthly, or have extended family or friends over for regular gatherings, a more elaborate outdoor kitchen may be the perfect solution.

The Balnei & Colina renovation team will also work to ensure that your new outdoor room, be it a custom outdoor kitchen, bar, or in-built BBQ cabinetry solution, complements your home’s interior ensuring a seamless transition from indoors to out. 

Undertaking an outdoor renovation can be a complex task and is best left to the renovation experts like Balnei & Colina. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary outdoor design consult for your next outdoor project on 1300 450 320 or send us your project details via this contact form.

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3. Swimming Pool 

A pool requires a substantial investment, and it’s addition can increase the value of your home significantly as pools, although viewed as a luxury item, are a major plus for Australian home buyers. Most homeowners earn back their investment when they sell their property. The cost of a swimming pool starts from $35,000, so it is essential to consider pros and cons carefully. A pool will also take up a lot of space in your backyard, add to your electrical and water usage and requires consistent maintenance. 

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4. Outdoor Fireplace

Perfect for socialising, entertaining, cooking and adding warmth in the cooler months, a custom outdoor fireplace is a great way to easily add value to your home.

At Balnei & Colina we often think of this part of the outdoor room as an extension of your existing home and look to repeat design elements from the interiors outdoors to create a seamless look from the inside out. 

The type of  fireplace you want, together with the atmosphere your looking to create, whether your fireplace is going to be a focal point for your outdoor area, are important considerations during the Balnei & Colina outdoor design process. 

Outdoor Fireplace Options

Wood burning fireplaces and pits generate more heat and are cheaper to run. If you're opting for a gas heater you need to plan for a gas connection near by. A gas fireplace is safer, more energy efficient and eco-friendly. 

Design Tip: Top for custom in built benches surrounding your fireplace will offer comfortable seating as well as extra storage . 

Safety Tip: Ensure the fireplace is free from burning hazards like tree branches and shrubs.

Well-designed outdoor living — be it a balcony, courtyard or backyard — has the potential to increase your home’s value; and considering Australian’s a love for the outdoors, an attractive outdoor area is also a huge selling point if you're planning on selling your home in the future.

Need more ideas on how to create the perfect outdoor space? The experts at Balnei & Colina can help. Simply book a consultation with a renovation expert today on 1300 450 320, drop us an email info@balneiandcolina.com.au or send us your project details via this contact form. You can also visit us at balneiandcolina.com.au.

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