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Bathroom Renovation Design Trends 2024

Bathroom Renovation Design Trends 2024

At Balnei & Colina, we pride ourselves on making our clients’ goals our own. No two Balnei & Colina projects are the same; each outcome truly reflects the homeowner’s needs and style.

Understanding the latest design trends forms an essential part of our design process. By keeping our finger on the pulse of what's happening in design across Australia and the globe, we can continue to craft inspiring, enduring spaces and elevate our clients' unique vision.

Today in the B&C Home Journal, the Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation and design team shares their latest report on the most exciting bathroom design trends of 2024.

If any of the bathroom design ideas below spark inspiration for your upcoming bathroom renovation, reach out to the Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation team in Sydney to get started on your dream bathroom transformation!

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1. Kit Kat Tiles

As a leading bathroom design trend for 2024, Kit Kat tiles are a slim version of the classic subway tile. Also known as finger mosaics, this versatile tile is often laid in a vertical pattern, creating an eye-catching textured look that can increase the perceived height of the room.

Available in gloss, matt and organic finishes in a variety of colours, the Kit Kat works in a wide range of interior bathroom design styles and is set to become an enduring classic, just like the subway tile.

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2. The Concealed Shower

We’ve witnessed the rise in popularity of the open-plan wet room layout, where the shower, bath and sometimes vanity are positioned in a boundary-free space. However, the focus is now pivoting to concealed showers, where solid walls replace glass shower screens, giving the effect that the shower is located in its own 'room'. The walls offer an opportunity to showcase a stunning tile or statement marble surface, and following on from the 'curve trend' of 2022 and 2023, curved shower walls are in!

Spatial planning is critical in this type of bathroom layout, and often, skylights or windows are incorporated to bring as much natural light into the shower zone as possible. If a concealed shower sounds like the perfect bathroom renovation solution for you, reach out to the Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation professionals today.


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3. Modern Global Style

Bathroom design trends in 2024 bring touches of global style inspired by exotic locations like the Mediterranean, Morroco and Mexico. Rustic elements, patterned tiles, and tactile surfaces are given a contemporary twist when paired back with clean, minimal lines and modern hardware and lighting.

Bespoke handcrafted surfaces like Microcement and Tadelakt, a waterproofed plaster used in Morocco for centuries, bring a seamless look to the shower, bath and vanity area. The 2024 take on global style is neutral and subdued - beige, taupe, blush and bone are key colours to consider.

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4. Pastels

"Velvety Peach" is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024, and the popularity of this soft, sugary hue reflects the broader bathroom design trend of pastel palettes. While these colours were popular in the 1950s, paired with lace and floral patterns, the modern pastel look is anything but quaint. Today, muted shades of pink, mint green, blue and pale yellow are contrasted softly with raw, industrial materials like concrete and blackened steel, giving an edge to this fashion-forward look.


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5. Textured Finishes

The textured finish trend crosses over from the kitchen to the bathroom for 2024. Raised profiles on a flat surface turn a sterile space like a bathroom into a creative, welcoming retreat. We are seeing fluted surfaces on custom joinery, bathtubs, basins, and glass. Handmade artisan tiles, such as the increasingly popular Zellige tile, create a layered, unique look, as do the addition of elements finished in unexpected materials, like a bathtub made of copper, natural stone or timber.


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6. The Eco Bathroom

The appreciation of natural materials and organic colour palettes flows from 2023 into '24, where timber, stone and soothing, earthy hues like clay, sage, and terracotta create a relaxing, restorative space. This grounding connection to nature has increased demand for eco-friendly appliances and hardware. Additions like a water-saving tap or sensor lights can contribute considerably to your home's energy efficiency and lighten its environmental load.

Inspired to incorporate one of these stylish bathroom trends into your upcoming renovation? The Balnei & Colina renovation team would love to hear from you!

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