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How to create a coastal style bathroom renovation

How to create a coastal style bathroom renovation

It’s no secret that Australian’s love the beach lifestyle. For as long as I can remember a coastal lifestyle has been at the heart of Aussie culture, so it’s only natural we want to reflect this in our homes.  When undertaking a home renovation why not take the opportunity to bring some of this beach tranquility indoors with you. A bathroom renovation provides the perfect opportunity to create not only a functional place to prepare for your everyday, but to create a room of tranquility and escape. Creating a coastal themed bathroom renovation may be the perfect solution. 

At Balnei & Colina, we have found that one of the most popular design themes for Sydney homes is coastal. Bright bathrooms with natural materials, clean lines, soft beach tones and colours can make you feel like you are on vacation — whether you live near the coast or not.  

In this month’s B&C Home Journal we’ve put together a style guide to creating a coastal bathroom renovation. We hope these practical tips arm you everything you need to create a bathroom renovation that feels like a vacation all year round. Enjoy!

The Team at Balnei & Colina

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Within the Sydney home renovation market, bathroom renovation have become a central point of focus in recent years. Bathrooms are no longer seen primarily as utilitarian and functional, but also offering a place of escape and relaxation. A coastal aesthetic particularly lends itself to that spa sensibility because of the light and airy colour palettes, the use of beautiful, quality natural materials, and it’s timeless style.

Balnei & Colina specialise in bathroom renovations and recommend when selecting fixtures and finishes for a coastal style bathroom renovation to opt for neutral tones, and add on-trend accessories that can be easily modified or changed in the future. Trends come and go, so do more with paint, towels and general bathroom accessories and keep your fixtures neutral - this will ensure your coastal bathroom renovation stands the test of time.

When creating a coastal inspired bathroom, things to consider include the colour palette, materials, and fixtures like the vanity,  bath and shower.

Let’s take a closer look:

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1. Coastal Colour Palette

Colours are an essential component of any design, and for a coastal bathroom renovation the design team at Balnei & Colina recommend incorporating neutral tones of soft whites, blue, sand, brown, muted greys and greens. Designers often incorporate a combination of muted shades of blue and green like turquoise, inky indigo, sea-foam green, light blue, emerald hues depending on the selected bathroom colour scheme. You might even choose a wallpaper with a beach motif — seashells, waves, fish, whatever strikes your fancy.

Our Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation experts will invest time to devise the perfect combination of colours and shades to create a natural, coastal-style effect for your coastal bathroom renovation. Finding the right colour combination and balance is crucial, as you can easily over-saturate the space with colour, which will make your bathroom renovation look cluttered and dated.

Sydney Bathroom Renovation by Balnei & Colina

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2. Coastal Textures

While colours are one of the key elements that will influence your coastal bathroom renovation, it is also important to consider textures as part of the overall bathroom design. A coastal area has several textures, white sands, ocean waves, scattered driftwood, rattan, etc. All of these textures can be incorporated into your coastal bathroom design. For example, adding a distressed timber wall feature, or installing tiles with a timber grain finish can all help support your coastal bathroom theme through texture.

A standalone, soft white sink is a great way to incorporate the coastal theme, and stone grey countertops can represent smooth beach pebbles. Think neutral for countertops. Reconstituted stone in an earth tone with sand like flecks sprinkled throughout can create a beachy feel, and is also versatile enough to work in with other trends if your style preferences change in the future.

Our Balnei & Colina bathroom design team recommend opting for subtle effects and designs and replicating beach textures on surfaces like bathroom walls, counter tops and joinery. This subtlety creates a general beach vibe instead of an in-your-face coastal look.

Balnei & Colina Bathroom Renovation Sydney

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3. Focus on Lighting

Beaches and coastlines are bright and airy, so your coastal bathroom renovation should reflect this. Create more natural light in your bathroom renovation by adding or increasing window size. If installing an additional window isn’t an option, a skylight can ensure your bathroom gets a flood of natural light and may be a more cost effective alternative.

The team at Balnei & Colina renovations will create a proper lighting plan based on the size and layout of your bathroom. Adding task lights over vanities and bathtubs as well as some ambient light fixtures to create a softer environment, will help to ensure there is enough illumination in your bathroom to undertake everyday grooming activities, and also allow you to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Our renovation team recommends the installation of large vanity mirrors if as they reflect more light helping to create the illusion of more space.

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The bathroom design team have put together a list of key ingredients to create a coastal bathroom renovation. Follow our Coastal Bathroom Recipe by Balnei & Colina to create a bathroom renovation with a relaxed coastal vibe. 

Planning a bathroom renovation? The bathroom renovation experts at Balnei & Colina can help. Simply book a consultation with a Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation expert today on 1300 450 320 or drop us an email info@balneiandcolina.com.au. You can also visit us at balneiandcolina.com.au or connect with us via Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with the latest bathroom design trends. 

Image via Pintrest
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