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How to design a European Laundry

How to design a European Laundry

It’s hard to believe, but did you know that the average Australian householder will complete 9204 loads of washing in a lifetime? Now, that’s a considerable amount of time spent in the laundry room and the figure doesn’t include additional laundry tasks like ironing, folding and sorting. Even though a laundry renovation maybe at the bottom of your home renovation priority list, it makes sense to elevate your laundry space to make it more pleasurable to use and help make those more mundane laundry chores more bearable.  

If you do not have ample space in your home for a full-scale laundry, a European laundry may be the perfect solution. Opting for a European laundry will help conserve space and is an ideal solution for apartments, townhouses and compact homes, as it doesn't need a dedicated room. 

Balnei & Colina designers have a high level of expertise in creating functional spaces for residential homes and can design a European laundry that reflects your unique needs, taste and budget.

In this months B&C Journal we examine the art of creating a stylish and efficient European laundry. Here are 5 practical laundry design tips to get you started. Enjoy!

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What is a European Laundry?

The definition of a European laundry is a laundry that's hidden inside a closet or compact space, commonly hidden behind sliding, cavity, bifold, or pocket doors that disappear into a wall cavity. The Balnei & Colina laundry design team encourage clients to incorporate hideaway doors as once they are shut the laundry space remains out of sight.

With some clever attention to detail you can create a European laundry renovation that can add value to your home. The Balnei & Colina renovation team can create a well-designed Eurpoean laundry complete with counter space, appliances, lighting scheme and storage that will help make a compact space feel modern, fresh ,functional and a pleasure to use.

Balnei & Colina’s Expert Tips for creating a European Laundry

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1. European Laundry Location

Choosing the location of your European Laundry is important. You can fit a small laundry into a hallway, a nook, a spare closet or even your kitchen. Creating a compact laundry space in your kitchen means you can multitask and pop on a load of laundry while cooking.

The laundry design team at Balnei & Colina suggest locating your Eurpoean laundey away from a relaxation or study zone, like your bedroom or dining areas. Even though advanced technology means today’s appliances are quieter than ever, washers and dryers still produce noise, so if your catching up on some well earned nap time, studying late night for an exam, or watching your favourite movie this may become irritating. If you are unable to do so, consider investing in noise-proofing panels; it will help dull the noise of your washer or dryer.

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2. Eurpoean Laundry Layout

If your dedicated laundry space is tall and narrow, the Balnei & Colina laundry renovation experts suggest stacking your dryer and washer. However, if you have a wider space a side-by-side configuration is the best option.

While designing your European laundry space, the Balnei & Colina laundry renovation team will consider movement flow to ensure there are no impediments for maximum functionality.

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3. Hideaway Space

There are many innovative ways to incorporate laundry facilities into a small space especially in more compact homes, where there is minimal space and no option to create a separate laundry room.

You’ll can find hidden laundries almost anywhere in a home, from a hallway, kitchens, bedrooms and often, in bathrooms.

The key design concept with a European laundry renovation is to keep it as hidden as possible, so it’s not visible when not in use, blending seamlessly with surrounding home furniture.

Design Tip:  Opt for a front loader washer, which will help save much needed space as you can install these discreetly beneath a bench top, or in a stacked configuration.

Doors that can be slid into the wall cavity are efficient, low maintenance, perfect for hiding laundry appliances and take up less space as well.

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4. Maximise Storage Solutions

Leaving laundry items like washing powder, stain remover and detergent out in the open can create unnecessary clutter. The Balnei & Colina laundry design team suggest incorporating as many cupboards and drawers as possible, to maximise storage and ensure your every laundry items and tools have a dedicated space. This way, your European laundry space is easily kept tidy and organised.


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5. Lighting & Ventilation

If feasible, installing an exhaust fan in your laundry cupboard will keep it cool, dry, and mould free. 

The team at Balnei & Colina can also create a lighting scheme for your European Laundry space to ensure you have enough task lighting to complete daily laundry activities with ease. We’ll also cover all your laundry electrical requirements ensuring the appropriate number of powerpoints and correct connections are in place. Depending on your needs, you may use the space for steaming, ironing clothes or even to change a handheld vacuum. So, we need to make sure that you have an adequate powerpoints to cover stored appliances. 

Design Tip: Balnei & Colina can create a cabinertry solution with customised inserts, that allows moisture to escape and air to circulate when your laundry doors are shut.

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6. Prioritise Bench Space 

Bench space is a vital ingredient for a functional laundry. A drop zone for unwashed laundry and laundered clothes, folding area or even an ironing board, don’t underestimate the need for bench space.

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7. Add Decor

Even though your European laundry will be hidden most of the time, you can inject some personality into your space to make it feel more inviting when your doing laundry. Add some greenery to open shelving, select a stylish hand wash for your sink, hang art, coloured jars and candles can all help to pretty up the space.

8. Complete Home Look 

If your European laundry is located close to your kitchen or bathroom, use the finishes, materials and surfaces as your cue when designing your Eurpopean laundry. When open or in use, it makes sense that your laundry fit in with and reflect the style of your existing home.

All it takes to design for European laundry is some creativity, expert skill and planning. Want a practical and attractive European laundry? The renovation experts at Balnei & Colina can help. Book a consultation with our laundry specialists today on 1300 450 320, drop us an email or, simply send us your project details via this contact form.  

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