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Buyers Guide to Bathroom Sinks

Buyers Guide to Bathroom Sinks

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Much of our time in the bathroom is spent at the basin. For many of us, it’s the last place we visit before heading to bed and the first destination we go to get ready for the day.

The bathroom basin is one of the first things we see upon entering a bathroom space, which means your choice of basin can significantly impact your bathroom design and renovation. The choice of style and shape of your bathroom basin can make it either a subtle feature or a signature piece of your bathroom renovation.

A carefully selected bathroom basin can elevate the look of your bathroom and help transform it into an area of your bathroom renovation you love to use. In this month’s B&C Home Journal, we share four unique bathroom basin ideas to consider for your next bathroom renovation. Enjoy!


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Director, Balnei & Colina renovations


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1. Rustic sink ideas

If you want to explore rustic styles in your next bathroom renovation, consider elements such as exposed copper pipes, trough basins, or combining stone and timber materials across your basin and vanity for a more rustic look.

If you’d like an expert to help bring a rustic aesthetic to life in your next bathroom renovation, Balnei & Colina’s bathroom design Sydney team is ready to help.


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2. Minimalist bathroom sink ideas

Minimalist design elements are often suited to bathroom renovations where clean, functional designs are key. You’ll often see this streamlined style making use of sleek lines, pared-down decor and subtle colour schemes.

Minimalist bathroom design evokes feelings of relaxation and calm. In today's busy life, a bathroom renovation that uses minimalist elements can make your new bathroom the perfect antidote to a hectic schedule.

Design Tip: If you’re interested in using minimalist bathroom design elements in your next bathroom renovation, consider features such as an under-mount basin or using the same material for your basin and vanity benchtop to create a seamless look that can make your bathroom renovation feel more sophisticated and spa-like.


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3. Trough-style bathroom sink ideas

Oversized design elements often convey luxury, and this is certainly true when it comes to your bathroom renovation. Plus, trough-style bathroom sinks have twice the accessibility, with only one sink. That’s why, in many luxury bathroom designs, trough-style bathroom sinks offer an attractive design alternative to multiple smaller basins.

There are many benefits in opting for a bathroom basin size that’s bigger than most. If you have a large vanity, an oversized bathroom basin is a clean and visually appealing way of filling countertop space. From a practical perspective, there's less cleaning, and a longer bathroom basin also means a larger area to catch water, helping prevent water from splashing on your counter or mirror.

Design Tip: If you want to achieve a luxe look while still making your bathroom renovation as spacious as possible, consider wall mounting an oversized bathroom basin to conserve space for your bathroom design.


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4. Stone bathroom sink ideas

Stone basins can add a beautiful, earthy statement to your bathroom design and offer a unique alternative to traditional ceramic basin options.

Admired for their beautiful patterns and veining, stone basins made of granite and marble can also add uniqueness and elegance to your bathroom renovation.

One of the most significant advantages of having a stone basin is its durability - with cracks, changes in appearance, and temperature oxidation less likely to occur compared with their porcelain counterparts.

At Balnei & Colina renovations, our expert bathroom designers love incorporating stone basins in two clever ways:

  1. Using contrasting materials between the countertop and basin to create a design distinction that highlights the quality of both materials.
  2. Creating a visually seamless countertop and basin design using the same material throughout.

Speak with a Balnei & Colina bathroom renovation expert today about selecting appropriate materials for your bathroom renovation.

Still unsure how to select a basin that's the best fit for your bathroom space? Our experienced bathroom designers can help create a beautiful and functional bathroom renovation.

Book a Balnei & Colina bathroom consultation today on 1300 450 320; send us your project details via this contact form, or book a call to discuss your laundry project in more detail. You can also email us direct via

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