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Inspiring Design ideas for your laundry renovation

Inspiring Design ideas for your laundry renovation

When considering renovating your home, the spaces that first come to mind are often the main living areas, like the kitchen and bathroom. However, you might be surprised to hear that according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians spend, on average, three hours per week doing laundry, with most of us completing at least five loads of washing weekly.

Given the amount of time spent doing laundry, it’s important that our laundry rooms are practical and inviting spaces that we can enjoy working in. Is your laundry room an appealing space you enjoy working in, or do you find yourself dreaming of a laundry room renovation that makes your weekly washing feel less of a chore?

Whether you desire a laundry with better organisation or more visual appeal, when you work with an experienced laundry renovation team like Balnei & Colina’s laundry design experts, you’ll get all this and more.

In this month’s B&C Home Journal, we share four inspiring laundry renovation design ideas to help you get organised and geared up to tackle laundry days. Enjoy!


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1. Wallpaper that wows

When it comes to laundry design that stands out for all the right reasons, wallpaper is an interior designer’s dream. Wallpaper is known for its versatility and can be customised to your desired colour palette and match any style.

Design Tip: If you’re considering wallpaper for your laundry renovation, it’s important to choose a wallpaper material that can withstand splashes. Solid latex or canvas-backed wallpaper are perfect options for your laundry as they’re easy to clean and are highly durable.


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2. Statement lighting

Statement lighting can take many shapes and forms, but one thing is for sure – your visitors will take notice! While the phrase “statement lighting” might bring an impressive chandelier to mind, statement lighting can be used to support almost any design style in your home.

Adding statement lighting to your laundry is a fun and unexpected way to add colour, texture and character to the space - whether you’re going for glamour or a more rustic look.

Design Tip: It’s important to always consider the lighting requirements of your space when selecting lighting, as this will determine the size of the fixture and the number of lights you’ll need.

To incorporate design elements and create a laundry design that offers visual appeal and optimal functionality, contact the Balnei & Colina laundry renovation experts, who can help you bring your dream laundry design to life.


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3. Pretty pastels

As we mentioned regarding wallpaper, pastel colours have been fashionable recently and are surprisingly versatile — with the ability to make your laundry feel coastal, vintage, retro or European, depending on the decor you pair them with.

Pastel palettes first became popular in the 18th century when the Rococo art and architecture style spread through Europe’s aristocracy. This time was defined by elaborate, ornamental designs paired with soft shades.

Design Tip: To create a more traditional look and feel in your laundry room renovation, combine pastel tones with traditional cabinet profiles and pair them with vintage hardware and tapware. Add a pendant light to complete the look.


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4. Decorative Tiles

Add character and charm to your laundry with patterned tiles on your flooring or splashback. If an intricate tile pattern catches your eye, you could opt to pare back the rest of your space with neutral colours so your tiles can take centre stage.

Black and white tiles are another popular option for home renovators, particularly if you want a classic contrasting look. Still, you can create almost any look and feel in your laundry renovation with patterned tiles.

Design Tip: Once you’ve chosen your tile design, a great way to create a cohesive space in your laundry renovation is to pick one or two tile colours and repeat them in your joinery, hardware and decor. Speak with a Balnei & Colina laundry renovation expert today about selecting the most appropriate tiles and accessories for your laundry renovation.  

Ready to kickstart your laundry renovation? The Balnei & Colina laundry renovation experts are here to help.

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