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How to choose the perfect sink for your kitchen renovation?

How to choose the perfect sink for your kitchen renovation?

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In kitchens across Australia, the sink is undoubtedly the centre of activity. It’s an unsung hero and the hardworking hub within the heart of the home, relied upon for so many daily tasks - from filling kettles to soaking pots and rinsing fresh produce.

The right sink adds functionality to a kitchen renovation and is essential to the space’s style direction. With so many sink design options available, the question becomes- how do you choose the best sink for your kitchen renovation?

This month in the B&C Home Journal, we share our round-up of sink configurations and materials for kitchen renovations of all styles and budgets. Enjoy!


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Before we get into the essentials of sink styles and fabrications, it’s important to narrow down your search by asking the following questions:

  • What is my kitchen renovation budget?
  • How much kitchen counter space is available?
  • What sink size suits my needs? Do I handwash a lot of large pots and pans?
  • Would I prefer a single or a dual sink bowl?
  • What is my kitchen design style?
  • What materials feature in my kitchen design?

With those answers in mind, you are one step closer to total sink satisfaction!



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A) Types of sink


Sometimes called ‘inset’ or ‘drop-in’, a top mount sink is dropped into the countertop and the sink ‘lip’ overhangs. This popular configuration is easy to install and replace.

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If your dream kitchen renovation style is sleek and minimal, perhaps an undermount sink is for you. The sink is installed underneath the kitchen counter, so the sink’s rim is hidden, and the countertop seamlessly becomes the sink’s edge.


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As the name suggests, a flush-mount sink sits level (flush) with the countertop. The sink’s rim is visible but has the same profile height as the counter.


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An integrated configuration is when the sink and countertop are manufactured from one piece of a single material. This eliminates the need for seals and caulked edges, making it a great option for your kitchen renovation.


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If your kitchen renovation style is French provincial, modern country, or Hamptons, a farmhouse sink is an appropriate choice! Also known as a butler or apron sink, the anterior is exposed and positioned to jut out from the surrounding cabinetry. Often manufactured in ceramic, the farmhouse sink style is also made from cast iron, natural stone, stainless steel and copper.


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B) Sink Materials

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Stainless steel

Affordable and hardwearing, stainless steel is a popular sink material for kitchen renovations and is available in various finishes, such as copper, gold and gunmetal. It is also hygienic and easy to clean.

Design tip: Choosing a brushed finish will help disguise any scratches that occur over time.


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Enamel sinks comprise of a heavy cast iron or steel base covered in an enamel finish. They provide a more traditional look compared to stainless steel. Some care is needed to ensure the enamel doesn’t wear out or chip. For example, you should avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on the surface.

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Ceramic sinks have a timeless appeal and are easy to maintain. Porcelain is a form of ceramic commonly used in sinks because of its low moisture absorbency and ease of cleaning. Fireclay is another ceramic option. It’s a reinforced clay that is incredibly durable and usually more expensive than porcelain or standard ceramic.


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This engineered material is made with a mix of resin and granite or quartz, producing a hard, non-porous surface. It is available in a range of colours and is scratch-resistant and UV-stable (meaning it doesn’t fade in the sun). A granite composite sink gives you the look and feel of a stone sink at a more affordable price.


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Natural stone

A polished stone sink adds a distinctive, high-end look to a kitchen (with a price tag to match!). Marble, soapstone, travertine and onyx are popular options for stone sink finishes, and the range of gorgeous natural colours and organic patterns is endless. Stone requires more maintenance than other materials as it is porous, so the surface must be treated and sealed correctly.

Design tip: Stone sinks are heavy, so extra structural reinforcement is required for installation during your kitchen renovation.


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