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6 must-have design features to elevate your kitchen renovation

6 must-have design features to elevate your kitchen renovation

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Each day at Balnei & Colina renovations, we work closely with our clients to design and build their dream home renovations. In fact, we've been transforming kitchens in Sydney for over 20 years, and we know the smallest detail matters.

A perfectly designed kitchen renovation is a joy to cook, relax and gather in. It allows for stress-free meal prep every day and easy entertaining when guests pop over. Functionality and style are in perfect balance, and the amount of storage is spot on.

In this month's B&C Home Journal, we examine six kitchen design features that will elevate your kitchen renovation. These ideas will enhance the performance and aesthetic of your kitchen - you'll wonder how you lived without them for so long. Enjoy!


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6 must-have design features to elevate your kitchen renovation

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1. Appliance cupboard

Custom cabinetry dedicated to housing your small kitchen appliances ensures a clutter-free look in your kitchen. An appliance cupboard is an enclosed nook (sometimes called a coffee station, breakfast bar or appliance garage) that includes power outlets and space for a coffee machine, toaster, Nutribullet, kettle and so on. It keeps everything accessible but hidden away when not in use.

Expert Tip: Measure your appliances before your joinery is designed to ensure the depth and height of shelves accommodate everything you need.


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2. Pot filler

A pot filler is a wall-mounted swing-out tap positioned above your cooktop. It allows you to conveniently fill a pot on the stove, eliminating the need to haul heavy pots of water across the kitchen. They are often featured in traditional style kitchens (such as Hamptons, French Provincial or rustic country) but also have a place in kitchens with a modern contemporary look.

Internal plumbing is required to connect the tap, so it's important to factor in this stylish kitchen addition during the design phase of your kitchen renovation. Every detail is covered when you work with a Balnei & Colina kitchen design specialist!


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3. Drawer appliances

Large kitchen appliances set in drawers are a growing area of interest for our Balnei & Colina clients. Easy-to-access microwave drawers, dishwasher drawers and warmer drawers are installed below countertops, freeing up precious counter space for meal prep. Integrating the appliance with custom joinery gives the kitchen a seamless, clutter-free look.


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4. Wine fridge

A wine fridge is a must-have for any wine enthusiast looking to keep their wine fresher for longer. Regular fridges are designed to keep perishables cold and dry, but this temperature is too harsh for the fragile composition of wine. A wine fridge gives you complete temperature control at optimal levels.

A wine fridge is a great addition to an entertainer's kitchen renovation or incorporated into custom joinery in a dining room or outdoor kitchen. They come in a range of sizes and can be integrated for a seamless look.


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5. Open shelf

Open shelving is a practical and pretty addition to a kitchen renovation.

The open shelf can provide quick and easy access to displayed essentials (think cookbooks, glassware, ceramics), and when styled with beautiful decor and meaningful pieces, the design feature adds personalised character to the space.

We love the look of an elegant slim-line marble shelf in a luxury kitchen design. For a modern country kitchen, rustic timber fits right in, and you can’t go past stainless steel for an industrial kitchen design.

Expert Tip: Add a light source above the shelf to illuminate it. Depending on your kitchen style, wall lights and sconces can create a beautiful focal point or affix strip lighting for a modern look.


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6. Custom storage

Our Balnei & Colina kitchen designers are experts in maximising storage and functionality in kitchen renovations, large or small. With our custom joinery, you absolutely make the most of the available space and will find it easier to stay organised.   

For example, for the home chef that loves cooking with spices, a narrow pull-out drawer by the cooktop is the perfect spot to stash spice jars. A Balnei & Colina kitchen designer will take all of your storage and cooking needs into account during your kitchen design consult and will create the perfect custom kitchen for you.


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Wondering how to implement these design ideas into your kitchen renovation? Leave it to the experts at Balnei & Colina renovations.

From design to manufacture and construction, our Sydney-based kitchen renovation experts would love to help transform your home.

Book a kitchen design consultation today at 1300 450 320; send us your project details via this contact form, or book a call to discuss your kitchen project in more detail. You can also email us directly via info@balneiandcolina.com.au.

Visit us at balneiandcolina.com.au and connect via Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest kitchen design trends.


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