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Kitchen & Bathroom Tapware Trends

Kitchen & Bathroom Tapware Trends

Whether your planning a complete kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, one of the simplest ways to update your kitchen or bathroom is to upgrade your tapware. At Balnei & Colina renovations Sydney we believe that fixtures can be a focal point for any kitchen and bathroom renovation project, and play an important role in the design process - the final touch to your home renovation project. 

Choosing the right tapware can elevate or even change the look of your completed home renovation project, so it’s vital to make considered design choices when selecting tapware, to ensure your tapware supports the overall style or look your trying to achieve, for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. 

While chrome tapware has traditionally been the finish of choice for many home renovators, there are a wide range of styles, finishes and colours to explore.

With 2021 just around the corner, in this month’s B&C Home Journal we list our top kitchen and bathroom tapware trends for the season ahead. We hope it provides you with inspiration for your next kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation project. Enjoy!

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Kitchen & Bathroom Tapware Trends Sydney

1. Matte White Tapware

Matte white tapware adds a subtle, elegant touch to any room. It suits all kinds of bathroom or kitchen designs, but is particularly impactful in white or pastel environments. White tapware in a kitchen or bathroom renovation can create a sense of freshness, and simplicity and works cohesively with almost any kitchen and bathroom design style.   

White tapware provides a stark contrast to a black or grey kitchen design, with a monochromatic effect that's popular in today’s modern home renovations. Our Balnei & Colina kitchen and bathroom design experts suggest matte tapware is a better choice for more contemporary style kitchens and bathrooms and offers a more sophisticated look than their glossy counterparts. 

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2. Matte Black 

Matte black kitchen and bathroom tapware is perhaps even more impactful than white. While white fixtures can blend seamlessly with surrounding materials, conversely, matte black is always a stand out. It creates a negative space, especially if the backdrop is pastel or white.

Matte black tapware works in with a vast array of styles, colours and textures, but can shine in a kitchen or bathroom renovation featuring earthy tones that help to soften the look of black fixtures.

Black tapware can be used to achieve an organic, urban or industrial theme for your kitchen and bathroom design.

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3. Brass 

Brass is one of the oldest tapware materials, and has never gone out of style. Homeowners that like a vintage, organic feel always gravitate towards brass or copper fixtures. Brass tapware is versatile and can work with rustic styles or a more modern beachy aesthetic. It strikes a happy medium, and will fit with both a vintage or contemporary kitchen or bathroom renovation projects.

Our Balnei & Colina kitchen and bathroom Design team suggests pairing brass with natural finishes like wood, marble, and stone.

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4. Brushed Nickel 

Brushed nickel is ideal for homeowners who want to play it safe. It’s glamorous and unique without being overpowering. Unlike brass and brushed gold tapware, nickel is more subtle and works in almost any setting. Offering a modern, elegant and more high end look than chrome fixtures, the Balnei & Colina kitchen design experts suggest picking nickel over chrome for a more refined appearance. 

Subtle enough to complement any texture or pattern it is coupled with, brushed nickel and brass are available in textured finishes making it suitable for almost every type of kitchen or bathroom design.

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5. Textured Tapware

New to the stage is textured tapware, providing an artisan, handcrafted look. Complementing both modern and rustic kitchen and bathroom designs, these fixtures are tactile with uneven surfaces and grooves, that work to enhance a space by creating a unique point of interest. This bespoke look is a favourite with the kitchen and bathroom renovation team at Balnei & Colina, and a key kitchen and bathroom tapware trend to watch. 

We are seeing natural, earthy finishes gaining momentum in kitchen and bathroom design, and this textured, handcrafted look complements this style of kitchen and bathroom

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